Drug Screening Market Perspective by Comprehensive Analysis Growth Prediction to 2026

Drug-Screening-MarketDrug Screening Market Drivers

Competition among leading manufacturers in the drug screening market is supporting the growth of the drug screening market. Manufacturers are engaged in developing innovative products in wide categories in order to maintain leading position in the market. Alere, Inc. along with its partner company GenPrime, Inc., launched point of care testing device, the xReader for work-place drug testing in 2016. In 2017, Alere, Inc. launched Alere iCup Rx drug screen for detecting commonly misused and abused prescription drugs. Moreover, technological advancements are expected to boost growth of the drug screening market over the forecast period. For instance, Intelligent Fingerprinting Limited launched non-invasive portable fingerprint drug test in 2017. Moreover, increasing incidences of traffic accidents, owing to drunk driving or driving after drug consumption is expected to boost growth of the drug screening market over the forecast period. For instance, five Michigan counties launched pilot roadside drug testing in November 2017, which used Alere DDS2 oral fluid test instrument to detect marijuana, opioids, and other drugs. Moreover, Captiva Lab launched an oral fluid drug testing integrated with mass spectrometry to include an oral fluid test panel in 2017. Furthermore, increasing demand from vast number of places where drug screening may be required such as workplace, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers is expected to boost growth of the drug screening market over the forecast period. Phenomenex, Inc. launched Strata-X-Drug B Plus a solid phase extraction (SPE) sample preparation product for urine drug testing in May 2018.

However, ban of alcohol and drugs at workplace and government organizations, and increasing awareness against driving under influence is expected to hinder the growth of the drug screening market.

Drug screening involves testing of the samples such as urine, breath, oral fluid, hair, and others for presence of any substances over the limit. The significance of the drug screening is that a person under influence of the drugs or alcohol is liable for road accidents, and other workplace issues. Manufacturers such as Abbott Laboratories provide drug screening tests for testing purposes at workplace, in government organizations, rehabilitation centers, and other places. These tests are painless and non-invasive. Moreover, manufacturers such as Alere, Inc. (part of Abbott Laboratories) provide point-of-care diagnostic tests for drug screening. Furthermore, drug addict individuals involved in certain professions such as an air traffic controller, and commercial drivers can risk safety of others, which can be avoided by pre-employment urine testing. On-the-job accidents could also be reduced with the help of drug screening. A urine drug test is painless and analyzes presence of prescription drugs such as amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, barbiturates, cocaine, methadone, and opioids (narcotics).

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Moreover, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers need to test residents on a regular basis to ensure the soberness of the people receiving treatment. Oral fluid testing and breath testing is conducted to examine presence of alcohol in the body and to ascertain the level of the same. Technological advancements such as immunoassay techniques for drug screening, and rapid point of care tests have fostered growth of the drug screening market.

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